What is the distinction between nano-bubbles and regular hydrogen water?

What is nano-bubble hydrogen water, exactly? What distinguishes it from ordinary hydrogen water? What are the advantages of consuming nano-bubble hydrogen water? In response to these issues, let us investigate Xiao Hydrogen. It is recommended to collect because it is rich in knowledge points.

1. What is nano-bubble hydrogen water exactly?
Before we get into nano-bubble hydrogen water, here’s a primer on hydrogen: Because hydrogen is a gas molecule that is insoluble in water and has high diffusivity (lateral movement) and buoyancy (rapid rise), it is difficult to produce, prepare, and store high-concentration hydrogen-rich water.


The nano-bubble hydrogen water uses nano-bubble technology, which has recently gained popularity in physical research. The hydrogen can be dissolved as much as possible in water through the physical dissolution of nano-bubbles, and the hydrogen can be retained in the water for longer. Nanobubble hydrogen water in time.

In layperson’s terms, we prepare hydrogen water using nano-bubble technology. Nano-bubbles can wrap hydrogen like a “capsule” and firmly lock hydrogen molecules, the elf who loves to flee, in the bubbles, and then use nano-bubbles to keep them from fleeing quickly. The flowing body’s characteristics can produce hydrogen water with a higher concentration and extended hydrogen dissolution period. Small molecular clusters are also more easily absorbed by the human body and have a higher antioxidant capacity.

2. What is the distinction between nano-bubbles and regular hydrogen water?
(1) Nanobubble hydrogen water has a higher hydrogen concentration.

Because the electrolysis reaction is carried out directly in water, the water molecules are split into hydrogen and oxygen, and these two gases are insoluble in water; they will rob each other of their limited solubility. As a result, the hydrogen concentration is relatively low.

The hydrogen water preparation equipment uses the nano-bubble physical hydrogen mixing technology. It is possible to prepare ultra-high concentration hydrogen water above 2.5 ppm by using ultra-fine bubbles of 10-230nm to wrap hydrogen in the bubbles to prevent hydrogen from escaping.

(2) The nanobubble hydrogen water preparation rate is faster.

Isn’t it depressing to want to drink a glass of hydrogen water, but it takes several or even ten minutes to prepare?

You don’t have to wait to drink hydrogen water using a hydrogen-rich water machine with nano-bubble technology. The water machine can produce ultra-high-concentration nano-bubble hydrogen water in seconds, which you can immediately drink! Not only is the preparation efficiency high, but so is the power consumption.

(3) The hydrogen dissolution period in nanobubble hydrogen water is more extended.

We know that hydrogen gas can escape from water because it is so small. If the hydrogen water is not consumed soon after it is prepared, the hydrogen gas may escape and become the same as ordinary water.

However, the hydrogen-locking effect can be achieved if nano-bubble hydrogen water is prepared using nano-bubble technology. This is because the nanobubbles’ rising speed is very slow, much slower than Brownian motion, and their overall performance is that they do not rise, allowing them to stay in the water for a long time. As a result, as long as the nanobubbles do not escape or collapse, the hydrogen molecules are securely locked in the water.

In summary, the main advantages of nanobubble hydrogen water are high concentration, high efficiency, and low loss.